Find Parking Game

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Special recommendation, a very good intelligence kids toys

Material: advanced secuity plastics

Age: this product is suitable for 5 years old


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ContentSpecial recommendation, a very good intelligence kids toys Material: advanced secuity plastics Age: this product is suitable for 5 years oldCollapsible grid, cardboard backboard, 12 Orange balls, 12 green balls, 1 yellow ball, Two players bpunce balls into the grid at the same time. connect four in a row to win. Palys: 1. find a table to play on. If more than two people are playing, divide into two teams. 2. take your green or orange balls, but put the yellow ball aside for now(it's the tiebreaker ball) 3. count down to start: 3-2-1 Go! 4. both players bounce at the same time. The balls must bounce on the table before they go into the grid. 5. you can pick up balls from the floor or table and bounce them agin, once a ball is in the grid or on the ramp, no one may touch that ball. this also includes the balls stacked in the ramps once the grid is full. 6. play continues simultaneously until one of you has bounced your balls into a row of four, or you both run out of balls.

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Specification: Designed according to actual proportions, the shape of the toy is realistic and vivid, making it easy for children to play. There are two French fries in the box and the mechanism can be reached. After picking up mechanical French fries, other French fries will pop out together. Every detail of the product has been carefully polished to ensure that the edges are round and smooth without burrs. It is an excellent toy for family interaction and parent-child interaction, helping to train children's hand-eye coordination.How to play: Press the internal test base. Put all the French fries in the box. Players take turns to take out the French fries one by one. Choose the wrong French fries trigger mechanism and watch other French fries fly. Descriptions: Name: Bounce French Fries Toy Material: plastic Function: exquisite design, parent-child interactive toys, entertainment, atmosphere adjustment Size: 8.5*4.*14.5cm / 3.35*1.77*5.71" (approximately) Package included: 1*French fries box 18*French fries 1*Sticker Notes: Due to the difference in lighting and screen settings, the color of this item may be slightly different from the picture. Due to different manual measurement methods, please allow slight size differences.
  • Bounce French Fries Toy
  • 100% brand new and high-quality products are the best gifts for children and friends.
  • Breathable material and cute patterns, which makes it useful and fashionable
  • Early childhood development
Game goal;Keep balance as much as possible, don't let the puppets fall on the tower! Significance of the game: increased observation, fine hand movements, fun between parents and children Set include : 1 wobbly pisa tower, 25 tourists mold, 1 color dice, 1 game manual HOW TO PLAY: 1.Draw lots to determine who starts, the game then continues clockwise. 2.In turns, the players throw the color dice. 3.The dice determines on which of color tower edges a tourist must be placed. 4.Each player can determine for themselves exactly where on the edge to place the tourist is compulsory,the important thing is to find the best place for the tourist so the tower doesn't topple. 5.If the tower nonetheless becomes unstable and the tourists fall off, the player responsible gets these tourist and game continues. The player who gets all his tourists on the Wobbly tower of Pisa first wins!!!
  • Measuring Beaker
  • Glitter Powder
  • 2Bottles Slime Glue
  • 1 Bottle Slime Activator
  • 2 Cups with lids
  • 3 Mixing Bowls
  • 2 Pipettes
  • Wooden/Ice Sticks
  • Plastic Spoon
  • 1 Bandolier of 6 Colours (non-toxic)
  • Instruction Manual step-by-step
This exciting kit helps children to create satisfying squishy exciting  slime with science experiments using scientific method. Now a days every child wants to play with slime because it's a cool activity to try! Making slime has been an annual tradition for many chemistry students. It is a very popular activity by mixing and making different patterns of slime. Students can apply this stretchy & funny kit with younger children as well. A special science kit to encourage early years of growing up by learning scientific thinking while having fun.  
  • ABS Plastic Material
  • Battery Operated, 1Batteries
  • Non Rechargeable Batteries
  • Age: 3+ Years
In The Box: 1 Set


TypeGuns & Darts
Assembly RequiredNo
MaterialABS Plastic
Minimum Age3+ years
Model NameAvengers Set Toy Gun , Captain America Action Figure & Mask Toys For Kids

Power Features

Battery Type1 C Battery
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